215 Bellevue Road | Nashville, TN 37221

About Faith Life Church

Faith Life Church is a nondenominational church located in the southern sector of Nashville, Tennessee. FLC was established in 2012 from the merger of two local churches, Word of Faith Christian Center, founded in 1998, and Spirit of Life Church, founded in 1994. Combining the churches into one body of believers has resulted in a more dynamic movement toward God.

Faith Life Church is a church of love, worship, word, prayer and healing. These five pillars shape not only our church structure but also our congregation. From the moment you enter the doors until you exit you will know that we love you and your family. Every visitor to Faith Life Church receives a informative welcome packet and our very own special song. You will not only know you are loved by God’s people but God himself will touch your heart as you participate in our heartfelt worship service.

Faith Life Church is a Word church. We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also offer classes and instruction for those who seek to know more about God.

Faith Life Church is a praying church and one that sees miracles of God happen. We have prayer and healing opportunities every month. We believe in the power of prayer and know that with faith all things are possible.