Men's Ministry

Check out the Men’s Ministry (Men Of Promise And Commitment) here at Faith Life Church. Get to know us, and you’ll find the resources and support you need to help you live the life God intended. Here you’ll find men actively seeking God’s purpose and power in their lives. You’ll also find men who are willing to lift you up and support you in your daily walk with the Lord. You’ll find men who are progressing personally, spiritually, and relationally as they learn how to become the man they were created to be – God’s Man.

MOPAC.’s  mission is to help men embrace God and His word, be empowered to serve God in their home, church and community, and embrace the world. Our goal is to help men understand and apply each of these purposes from a man’s unique perspective and responsibility.

If you’re new to Faith Life Church, we realize that it can be both intimidating and challenging to connect with others. We encourage you to explore the wide variety of opportunities in MOPAC and find out how welcoming our church can be.

Women's Ministry

Our women’s ministry (Women Operating as Redeemed Daughters) here at Faith Life Church provides Christ-centered spiritual growth and encouragement for women in our shared journey of faith. WORD’s mission is to deepen our relationship with God and others.

Our hope is for every woman to be a part of our ministry and find a place of love and acceptance that will result in deeper friendships. We seek to build relationships, encourage, and support one another– to talk, laugh, cry, process, and journey through life together. We do this through workshops, prayer meetings, various women’s events, retreats and more.

“And may the Lord make your love for one another and for all people grow and overflow, just as our love for you overflows.” 1 Thessalonians 3:12

Youth Ministry

FLC’s Youth Ministry, for 6th – 12th graders meets every Sunday morning at 10:30am and Wednesday evening at 7:00pm for an explosive time of fun, fellowship, and ministry of the Word of God. In keeping with the vision, they are taught the Word in an easily understood manner. Topics discussed are relevant to the issues our youth face everyday.

In addition to the weekly youth services, they participate in exciting events, such as skating, bowling, amusement park trips, and our annual summer youth camps, all while learning that serving God is fun and exciting. FLC has a ministry designed to meet the practical and spiritual needs of our young people.

The youth are ministered to by their age group. Services are designated for junior high (grades 6-8) and senior high (grades 9-12) each with their unique youth minister, charged with making relevant biblical truth applicable to today’s generation. We make it a point to offer many events and outings throughout the year. We want our youth to remember that being a Christian is not where the fun stops, it’s where it begins.

Our youth are “World Shakers.” It’s More Than Just a Name; It’s a LIFESTYLE!

Children's Ministry

FLC’s Praiz Station Ministry teaches children, (from birth to 11 years of age), the Word of God in a variety of ways that they can easily understand. Some of the ways are through creative puppet shows, clowns, songs and much more! In addition to being taught the Word of God, they’re able to participate in special outings and events that give them opportunities to experience the FUN in serving God.

FLC’s Praiz Station Ministry is much more than just a baby-sitting service. It is an interactive Ministry where your child will grow and develop in the knowledge of God.

Music & Fine Arts

Our Music Ministry
Music is a key component to our worship service. Through music we are able to usher in the presence of God and set the atmosphere for the word of God to come forth. We don’t just practice music but we have worship sessions. It is our goal as a music ministry to train and equip people with the ability to tap into the presence of God for themselves and experience His divine Glory. Each opportunity we have to create music through voice and instrument, is a opportunity to commune with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rather you’re in the band, a part of the worship team, choir, ensemble, or small special music group, you will experience the love of God through our music ministry.

Our Fine Arts Ministry
Being a multi-culture church, we have people from many different ethnic backgrounds. We value our diversity as a blessing from the Lord God Almighty. With such a diversity we have developed an outstanding Fine Arts Ministry that consists of not only acting, but painting and crafting. Every year we have a showcase in which our youth and young adults are given the opportunity to demonstrate their gifts and talents. The Fine Arts ministry also puts on two major productions, one at Christmas and one for Resurrection. No gift or talent is useless but it is useful for the growth and honor of the Kingdom of God.